Accessing IRSC Libraries Databases

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Welcome to the tutorial on how to access the IRSC Libraries online databases. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to find and login to the library databases anywhere you have internet access.

IRSC Libraries

What is a library database?

The library databases are a collection of online resources purchased to aid students in conducting research. The resources include videos, newspaper articles, magazine articles, electronic books, and academic journal articles.

The Indian River State College Libraries subscribe to many different databases. Each database offers different content, so you'll want to choose the database that is most useful for your research question.

Where do I start?

Starting on the IRSC Libraries LibGuides homepage you will see a menu of links on the right side. The second link, Databases by Subject, will take you to all of the IRSC Libraries databases arranged by subject.

Click the Databases by Subject link.

Databases by Subject

Logging in to the Library Databases

After clicking Databases by Subject, you will see a login page. This login page insures only users affiliated with IRSC can access our resources.

The drop down menu next to College should default to Indian River State College.

If the box does not show Indian River State College, select Indian River State College from the drop down menu.

Login Page

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Borrower ID

In order to login to the databases, you will need to know your student ID number.

Type your student ID number in the Borrower ID box.


The PIN/Password for the library databases is different from the PIN you use to access Blackboard.

The PIN for the library databases is the month and day of your birth date in the following format: MMDD.

Type your four digit, month and day, birth date into the PIN/Password box. For example, if your birthday is July 4, type in 0704.

Once you have entered your Borrower ID (Student ID number) and PIN/Password (MMDD of your birth), click the Log In button.

Logging in with student ID and PIN

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Databases by Subject

You should now see a page with a list of subjects that have a + sign next to each one.

Congratulations, you have successfully logged in to the library databases!

List of Subjects

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Expand a Subject to View the Databases Included

Click the + sign next a subject to expand it. Once expanded, you can view the list of databases included in that subject.

Next, click the i symbol next to a database to learn more about the kinds of sources contained in it.

Click on any database link to open it in a new browser tab and start searching for resources.

Expanded Subject and description

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