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Welcome to the Gimlet reports tutorial. This guide will walk you through the steps of creating different reports using the Gimlet statistical software. 

To begin log into Gimlet using your IRSC email address and the password that was provided for you. If you forgot your password email Brett Williams,, and he can reset it for you.

 Screenshot of the login page for the Gimlet statistical webpage.

The default page for Gimlet is the add question page. Towards the top of the page in Gimlet v1 you will see a few tabs.

Click on the Reports tab to go to the Reports page. 

Screenshot of the default page for the Gimlet website. The Reports tab is circled in red.

On the reports page you will see a quick snapshot of data over the past month.

To create custom reports click the Detail link. 

Screenshot of the Reports page for the Gimlet Website. There is a red arrow under the Detail link.

On the Detail Reports page you will be able to make custom reports using the Gimlet data.

Use the drop down menus to change the information in the rows or columns.

To change the date click in the Start or End field and click on the day you want to begin or end the report. 

Screenshot of the detail Reports page showing the Rows and Columns drop down menus as well as the Start and End date boxes.

To run a report to see who is logging questions you can select Initial from the Rows menu and Question type from the Columns menu. 

Set the date range you want to see in the report.

When changing the date make sure to click on the day in the calendar. That will save the date in the Start and End fields. 

Screenshot showing a custom report setup using the Rows, Columns, Start, and End date fields. The End date field is displaying the Calendar month with December 31, 2017 selected.

When you are ready to run the report click the Go! button and the report will display on the webpage.

You can export the report to a CSV file and you will be able to open the report in Excel or another spreadsheet format.  

Screenshot of a detail Gimlet report showing user initials in the Rows and question type in the Columns.


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