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Welcome to the Nursing Full-Text Journal Collection by Ovid search guide. The Ovid database is a fantastic resource for nursing students! This guide will walk you through each part of setting up a search and navigating your results.

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Accessing the Databases

Access Ovid from the IRSC Libraries page by selecting Find eResources (Articles) on the left hand navigation links.

In the center of the page you will see a series of links. Select Databases by Subject.

From here you will see a page that says Powered by LINCCWeb in the upper right hand corner.

You may be prompted to login. If so, your borrower ID is your student ID number (PID for employees). Your PIN is your birth month and day.

If your birthday is January 12, then your PIN would be 0112.

Accessing Ovid

You will see a series of drop downs in the center of the page. Click the plus next to Health and Medicine.

Select the Nursing Full-Text Journal Collection (Ovid) to start searching the Ovid database, it is the seventh link in the list:

Setting Up a Search

Once in the database, you will need to enter some keywords related to the topic you are studying. You will also limit your search to the last five years AND original articles.

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This search will find information on your topic in any American nursing journals available in the Ovid database that were published in the past five years and are primary research/original studies. 

Click Search and you will see the articles appear below the search boxes. If you receive too little or no search results, you need to change the keywords you used. If you receive too many search results, you can narrow your search by adding additional keywords. 

Understanding your Results

On the screen below the search boxes, your results are available by scrolling down. You will notice your search terms are highlighted.

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You have several options in order to see the full-text of the article. Click on Ovid Full-Text or Article as PDF to read the entire article. You may e-mail the article to yourself by clicking on Email Jumpstart which appears as a link above the full-text of the article.

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All the journals within the Nursing Full-Text Journal Collection (Ovid) are published in the United States. You need to verify the authors' credentials if you need articles written by a nurse. The article will give the authors' credentials after their names.


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